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About us

In 2002, Brandon Scholz and Michelle Kussow formed The Capitol Group, drawing on more than two decades of interest and involvement in government and politics.

"Thanks to you Michelle for this outstanding achievement. Without your understanding and political savvy, this would not have been possible"

- Jim Luedtke, Wisconsin Water Quality Association

Brandon Scholz and Michelle Kussow provide for clients a thorough knowledge and inside understanding of the Wisconsin State Legislature, the vast array of state regulatory and administrative agencies, the Wisconsin Congressional delegation, and the nuts and bolts of politics, lobbying, and grassroots activities in Wisconsin.

The Capitol Group’s executive management experience provides the basis for exceptional association management, grassroots projects and public affairs strategies to better provide for their clients.

Brandon Scholz The Capitol Group LLC

Brandon Scholz Partner

Michelle Kussow The Capitol Group

Michelle Kussow Partner

Emma Shultz Executive Director

Emma Shultz Executive Director

Katie lowe executive assistant

Katie Lowe Executive Assistant

Scott Coenen Executive Director

Scott Coenen Executive Director
Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum (WCEF)