Our Record

Veterans of Wisconsin’s governmental arena, Scholz and Kussow have presented a “hands-on” consulting, lobbying, and public relations firm that consists of the following services.

Together, Brandon and Michelle have a solid record and have gained respect as a team that gets the job done. Clients of the Capitol Group will receive personal, one-on-one service for their needs and can expect results.

Corp Services

  • Appointed by Legislature to participate in study committee providing recommendations on school starting date.
  • Worked with dealers and manufacturers to draft legislation establishing fair dealer-manufacturer relations.
  • Encouraged support for legislation relating to shareholder liability and removing impediments to businesses attempting to raise capital.

Public Finance

  • Encouraged grassroots contacts resulting in a $13 million increase in reimbursements paid to MA pharmacies.
  • Changed school funding formula for independent charter schools to receive fair funding.
  • Successfully lobbied for creation of Regional Transit Authority and established state funding for transportation project.


  • Promoted exempting internet access from the sales tax by introducing legislation, generating a letter to Congress signed by the majority, and passing a joint resolution encouraging support of similar legislation at the federal level.
  • Worked with state agency to interpret tax credit legislation.
  • Urged Legislature to clarify the sales tax on temporary services.

Intellectual Prop

  • Generated grassroots support to encourage the Bush Administration to expand stem cell research.
  • Created a national coalition to address and influence data security legislation.
  • Worked with Elections Board to approve a Wisconsin vendors specific technology for statewide voter registration system.
  • Established working relationships within USDA for a Wisconsin company.

Product Liability

  • Participated in a coalition defeating joint and several liability changes that would have put businesses at risk.
  • Lobbied on legislation to protect manufacturers and established new standards on product liability lawsuits.

Employ & Labor

  • Passed legislation prohibiting municipalities from enacting a higher minimum wage than the state’s minimum wage level.
  • Amended mandatory health care legislation “employee” definition to exempt temporary and seasonal employees.


  • Supported legislation allowing non-traditional lenders to provide financial assistance to businesses.
  • Pushed legislation capping appeals bonds at $100 million.


  • Supported efforts to build new transmission facilities in Wisconsin to ensure reliable energy for consumers and businesses.
  • Ensured language that “prohibits transporting bottled water from the Great Lakes Basin” was not included in the Great Lakes Compact signed by Governor Doyle in 2008.