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Wisconsin Lobbyist & Government affairs professional Brandon Scholz helps companies with politics, lobbying, and associations in WI.  He draws on more than two decades of involvement in government and politics.

Scholz is a founding partner in The Capitol Group, a government, and public affairs consulting firm located in Madison.   He has represented a wide variety of clients in the business sector since 2001.  He also serves as the Executive Director of Wisconsin Small Businesses United.  His professional and civic involvement includes serving on the boards of Wisconsin Executive Residence Foundation, WisconsinEye, Hunting Works for Wisconsin and Advisory Board He has also served on Second Harvest of Wisconsin, Council on Public Utility Benefits, Digital Television Conversion, Wisconsin Tobacco Control Board, the Wisconsin State Elections Board, the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Campaign Finance Reform, Friends of WHA-TV as well as numerous legislative committees and gubernatorial commissions.  He appears on a variety of television and radio shows as a political analyst and business industry spokesman.  Scholz has served as a volunteer in the White House Office of Presidential Advance for President George W. Bush.